Air Separation Plant Gas Generating Equipment Oxygen Generator

Air  Separation Plant Gas Generation Equipment Oxigen GeneratorPRODUCT OVERVIEW1.  Description For Air  Separation Plant Gas Generation Equipment Oxigen GeneratorWith PSA principles, ETR medical PSA oxygen generator can produce 93%±3% purity oxygen gas

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Air  Separation Plant Gas Generation Equipment Oxigen Generator


1.  Description For Air  Separation Plant Gas Generation Equipment Oxigen Generator
With PSA principles, ETR medical PSA oxygen generator can produce 93%±3% purity oxygen gas directly from compressed air.  Compared with traditional Bulk liquid oxygen and cylinders oxygen, ETR on-site PSA oxygen generator can reduce cost down to 50 percentages
Compressed air is purified through the air dryer and filters to a certain level for main generator to work with. Air buffer is incorporated for smooth supply of compressed air thus to reduce fluctuation of compressed air source. The generator produces oxygen with PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology, which is a time proven oxygen generation method. Oxygen of desired purity at 93%±3%
is delivered to oxygen buffer tank for smooth supply of product gas. Oxygen in buffer tank is maintained at 4bar pressure.

Compressed Air Source
Air Compressor
Buffer Tank

2. Advantage For Air  Separation Plant Gas Generation Equipment Oxigen Generator
  • Highly efficient molecular sieves, making oxygen generation more efficient
  • Unique startup concentration maintenance function
  • Imported muffler, achieving an operating noise of less than 85dB(A)
  • LCD touch screen interface, making setting of operating parameters more convenient
  • Integrated pipeline process, providing excellent air tightness
  • Intelligent control, enabling remote data transmission.

3.  WORKING PRINCIPLES For Air  Separation Plant Gas Generation Equipment Oxigen Generator
The medical molecular sieve PSA oxygen generator system adopts the international advanced pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to form a rapid cycle of pressurization adsorption and depressurization desorption under the conditions of normal temperature and low pressure.
Air Separation Plant Gas Generation Equipment Oxigen Generator
4. SPEC of ETR Oxygen Generation System
ETO-15 Oxygen Generator
Oxygen Capacity1-50Nm3/hNormal/Standard Condition
Oxygen Purity93%±3% 
Oxygen Delivery Pressure0-4bar Adjustable
Power Consumption0.1-0.2kW220V, 50Hz @1Phase
Dimensions (mm)/Including buffer tanks. Dimensions are approximate.
Weight (kg)/Weight is approximate.
Noise Level≤85dB(A)1 meter away
Compressed Air Specifications
Air Flow Rate RequiredAs DemandCapacity Of The Clean & Dry Air after Pretreatment
Oil residual Content0.008PPm 
Particles Size0.01m 
Pressure Dew Point+ 3ºC 
Air Temperature5-45 Deg. C 
Design Working Conditions
Relative humidity20%-100% 
Dust Content In The Air≤20mg/m3 
H2S,SO2 Content In The Air≤5ppm  
CO2 Content In The Air≤250ppm 
CnHm Content In The Air≤20ppm 
Acidic Gases Less Than Stimulus
Content And Without Erosive Gases 
Self-governed Room For Air Separation Plant And Far From Acidic Environment is Strongly Recommended
5. Quality Control Process
ETR Enigineering & Technology,clients can be sure of the quality of ETR solution. ETR uses only the best suppliers and components. And  all oxygen generators are tested & commissioned by professional Experts to make sure everything is qualified before they leave the factory. 


1.Basic Information about ETR
Founded in 2003, Hunan ETR Electronic Medical Engineering Co., Ltd. has developed into a state-level high-tech enterprise. Consisting of top R&D team has developed four series of products over the past decade, including the solutions for digital smart medical wards, the integrated solutions for medical gas system, the integrated solutions for digital medical cleaning system and the solutions for ward nursing (calling) system, through independent R&D and production with market demand as the orientation. ETR has successfully been listed on the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) with stock code of 839074 in 2016.

The Company has passed CE certification and the ISO quality management system certification, and gained a variety of certificates, including ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management System Certificate, ISO14001 Environmental Management Quality System Certificate

2. Workshop  

Air Separation Plant Gas Generation Equipment Oxigen Generator

Air Separation Plant Gas Generation Equipment Oxigen Generator

4. Domestic Cooperated Hospital

ETR has currently cooperated with over 100 hundreds hospital at domestic, while export its medical gas system, etc through its agency all over the world. ETR has rich experience in helping our customers provide integrated solution including before sales direction, consultancy and after-sales installation and maintain, for domestic project detailed information, please check with our sales team.

Air Separation Plant Gas Generation Equipment Oxigen Generator

5. Company Activities
Air Separation Plant Gas Generation Equipment Oxigen Generator

1.Warranty &Training

The Guarantee/Warranty Period shall be a period of twelve months after on-site startup & commissioning or eighteen months after shipment, whichever occurs first. If any trouble or defect, originating with the design, material, workmanship or operating characteristics of any Goods, arises at any time during GUARANTEE/WARRANTY period, ETR shall, at his own expense and as promptly as possible, make such alterations, repairs and replacements.
On-Site Support
ETR can do paid services of on-site startup, commissioning, installation supervision, training, by providing purchaser with the services of qualified English-speaking
engineer at site. ETR shall obtain all permits and licenses required to perform the services under this Agreement. 

2.Accessory Support

Air compressor
Air compressor from Atlas Copco, a international famous brand, best manufacturer of air compressor in the world, is adopt in all ETR air separation products to provide best in-time after-sales service to customers all around the world with low maintenance and minimum repair rate.
Refrigerate Air dryer
Refrigerate Air dryer with best, reliable performance from SMC, Japan, a international famous brand, one of the best manufacturer of refrigerate air dryer in the world, is adopt in all ETR air separation products to achieve best pre-treatment for the compressed air.
Desiccant air dryer
Desiccant air dryer made by Ingersoll Rand,  with high efficiency and reliable performance is adopt if the user has strict requirement on dew-point of product gas.
 Air filters
treatment for compressed air is very important to the air separation plants. Online compressed air filters made by SMC are adopt to remove oil, dust, water in the compressed air.
ETR series activated carbon with high efficiency of oil removal for pre-treatment of compressed air is optional.
ETR smart control system
To achieve easy monitoring, operating and controlling of the whole system, ETR smart control system made by ETR are at customer's option.

Product oxygen filter
Odor, dust, oil, bacteria removal filters made by apureda will be adopt for product gas treatment to meet customer's requirements.

Product gas analyzer for purity from China top supplier, digital flowmeter and SMC/CKD pressure transmeter are standard accessaries. Dew-point analyzer, glass flowmeter, CO analyzer, etc. are optional.

Oxygen booster
To achieve high delivery pressure or to fill bottles, booster of piston type and diagram with stable performance type are at customers' choice.
Imported high efficiency boosters with super high working pressure from RIX USA and BAUER Germany are also optional.

Oxygen filling station and oxygen backup system
Gas filling station for oxygen will be adopt to fill oxygen bottles. Filling pressure and quantity of filling nuzzles are customizable. Manual type and auto type are both available. Oxygen backup system can ensure the oxygen supply constantly .

Oxygen Purifier
If customer wants for higher purity, the oxygen purifier can help to achieve the oxygen purity to 98%±1%

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