Best Oxygen Concentrator In India: Breath For Your Loved Ones

2022-08-12 19:11:51 By : Mr. Alan Lee

Trouble breathing? Don’t worry! Now, no more searches to choose your best lifeline. Just check out these life savior best oxygen concentrators and choose to live with your family.

The best oxygen concentrator in India is a very serious concern to everyone after covid - 19 pandemic. We have seen a very scary scenario like most people were fighting for life, just a lack of oxygen. So we don’t want to see you in such a worst situation. And to make this comparison easier for you, we have compiled the best oxygen concentrator reviews so that you can buy your ideal one according to your requirements and budget. We have covered the best oxygen concentrators available in the market right now. today we come up with the list of best oxygen concentrators in India . Those are easily available online, just choose - click and buy. 

Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrator - 21% off

Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrator can easily move with the help of a Super comfortable handle and wheels. This oxygen concentrator has lower power consumption and weighs in at only 31 pounds (14 Kg). Their durable metal cannula is less likely to break and reduces shipping and storage costs and the risk of injury. Philips Oxygen Concentrator Price: Rs 53,476.

OXYZONE Natural OXYGEN - 31% off

OxyZone Natural Portable Oxygen helps in breathlessness during sudden shock, jerk , suffocation, and choking. This portable oxygen bottle is also ideal for use as first aid for treating hypoxia, hypoxemia, emphysema, and cluster headaches. It will prove to be a life-saving tool during a fatal accidents, drowning, cardiovascular arrests, etc. Hence it should make a permanent part of your first aid box. OXYZONE Oxygen Concentrator Price: Rs 449.

GVS Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator - 29% OFF 

Gvs Oxygen Concentrator is designed to be used in nursing homes, homes, clinics, and hospitals. It functions by extracting oxygen from the atmosphere. This oxygen concentrator has a humidifier that helps in adding moisture to the outflowing air to reduce dryness thus preventing irritation in the nasal passages and throat. The power consumption of this machine is 300 watts. Gvs Oxygen Concentrator Price: Rs 38,950.

Yuwell Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine - 88% OFF

Yuwell Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a compact and lightweight oxygen concentrator with 5 liters capacity and the purity of oxygen is above 90% even at 5 liters/minute flow rate. This oxygen concentrator has an LCD with a timer function. It has a special feature of self-diagnosis which comes with multiple safety alarms. Their oxygen failure alarm - continuously monitors the quality of oxygen generated and the power failure alarm will alert the attendant in case of power failure. It has a high & low-pressure alarm and auto-cut-off for overheating. Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator Price: Rs 11,599.

Walnut Medical Portable Oxygen Concentrator - 32% off

Walnut Medical is one of the leading manufacturers of portable oxygen concentrators in India. The company offers a wide range of products that are at par with international standards. The portable oxygen concentrator offered by Walnut Medical is made using the highest quality materials. It works on the principle of ‘Rapid Pressure Swing Adsorption’ which is where the nitrogen is removed from the air using zeolite minerals which adsorb the nitrogen, leaving the other gasses to pass through and leaving oxygen as the primary gas. Walnut Oxygen Concentrator Price: Rs 74,999.

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