Worldwide Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) Equipment

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Dublin, Feb. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) Equipment" report from Wintergreen Research, Inc has been added to's offering.

The Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension equipment market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 23.7% over the forecast period to 2028. This study presents a comprehensive overview of what is going on in this market, assisting managers with designing market strategies likely to succeed.

Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) testing via iCPET represents next-generation automation of helping people who are challenged by exercise. PAH is often a diagnosis for those who have unusual fatigue who have been tested by a physician and determined to have a disease that impacts the blood flow between organs, between the heart and the lungs.

PAH, high blood pressure in the lungs, is characterized by exercise intolerance. A recently embraced test iCPET has been able to document the presence of chronic fatigue syndrome so that patients can actually collect disability insurance, a hitherto virtual impossibility.

The more recently used invasive test, iCPET can detect that during intense exercise, a decline in mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO2) is the defining characteristic of hypertension, diagnosing a disease PAH. An early paper on the test in 2014 describes a decline in mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO2) from 55.4%to 21.0% for patients with PAH. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension equipment markets have become significant during Covid as 18% of the patients that get Covid struggle to a varying degree with post-Covid, long term Covid conditions that include dyspnea, exercise intolerance.

1. Pulmonary Hypertension Equipment Market Description and Market Dynamics 1.1 Chronology of Pulmonary Hypertension Causing Fatigue and Dyspnea 1.2 Mechanisms of Hypoxemia 1.3 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) iCPET 19 Circulation, a Publication of the American Heart Association, Documents the Value of the iCPET

2. PAH Cardio-Pulmonary Market Shares and Market Forecasts: Stress Test Treadmills, Swan Gatz Catheters, Oxygen Equipment, CPAP, Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator (ICD) Device 2.1 PAH Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Defect in Cardio Pulmonary Blood Exchange

2.3 Swan-Ganz and Pulmonary Artery and Radial Artery Catheters

2.5 PAH Supplemental Oxygen Treatment Market Forecasts 2.6 Pulse Oximeters 2.6.1 Pulse Oximetry Market Shares 2.6.2 Pulse Oximetry Forecasts 2.7 Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator Devices 2.8 Portable Oxygen Concentrators 2.8.1 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Market Shares 2.8.2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Market Forecasts 2.9 Stationary Oxygen Concentrators 2.10 High Flow Oxygen Concentrators 2.11 Hyperbaric Oxygen HBOT 2.12 PAH Equipment Market Forecasts

3. Heart Failure Market Description and Market Dynamics 3.1 Cardiology Medical Treadmill User Forecasts 3.2 Invasive Cardiopulmonary Exercise Equipment 3.3 Invasive Cardiopulmonary Exercise Stress Test Equipment Description 3.3.1 Strenuous Exercise Chemistry

4. The Invasive Cardiopulmonary Exercise Stress Test 4.1 Viral Injury the Arteries and Veins that Run Between the Heart and Lungs 4.2 Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) 4.3 Metabolic Carts 4.4 MedGraphics 4.5 Cardinal Health/VIASYS/Sensormedics 4.6 Swan-Ganz and Pulmonary Artery Catheters 4.7 Edwards Lifesciences 4.7.1 Edwards HemoSphere Advanced Monitoring Platform 4.8 Argon Medical Devices 4.9 ICU Medical 4.10 Biosensors International Group 4.11 VICTUS 4.12 B. Braun Melsungen AG 4.13 Schiller Cardio Pulmonary Vascular System 4.13.1 Schiller Cardio Pulmonary Vascular System Preparation and Use 4.14 GE 4.15 Portable Oxygen Equipment Company Description 4.16 Applied Home Healthcare Equipment 4.17 Besco 4.18 Chart Industries 4.18.1 Chart/Caire Medical 4.18.2 Chart Industries Revenue 4.19 Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare 4.20 First Class Medical 4.21 Foshan Keyhub Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. 4.21.1 Foshan Keyhub Shunde, Guangdong Province, China 4.22 Gardner Denver/Thomas Compressors 4.22.1 Gardner Denver Thomas OEM 4.23 GSE 4.24 Inogen 4.24.1 Inogen Direct-To-Consumer Marketing Strategies 4.25 Invacare 4.25.1 Invacare Revenue 4.26 Jiuxin Medical: Jiuxin Medical Jogger Portable Ventilator 4.27 Leistung Engineering 4.27.1 Leistung Key Strategy 4.28 Longfian Scitech: Longfian Scitech Portable and Other Oxygen 4.28.1 Longfian Scitech JAY-20 Industry Oxygen 4.29 Merits 4.30 Nidek Medical 4.31 NTK 4.32 Precision Medical 4.33 O2 Concepts 4.34 Oxygo 4.35 Philips Healthcare Oxygen Concentrator 4.35.1 Royal Philips Healthcare Global Presence 4.35.2 Philips Addresses Healthcare Landscape 4.35.3 Philips Accelerate! Positioning 4.36 ResMed 4.36.1 ResMed/Inova Labs 4.36.2 Inova Labs 4.36.3 ResMed/Inova Labs/LifeChoice Activox 4L 4.37 Zadro Health Solutions 4.38 Cardiovascular Invasive Stress Test Equipment 4.39 Pulse Wave Distortions Can Cause Inaccurate Oximeter Readings 4.39.1 How Clinicians Assess an Oximeter - Are Oximeters Accurate in Tracking De-Saturations 4.40 Impact of Supplemental Oxygen 4.41 CPAP Company Profiles 4.42 3B Medical 4.43 Apex 4.43.1 Apex PVA Pressure Variation Algorithm 4.43.2 Apex Enhanced Pressure Stability 4.43.3 Apex Medical Revenue 4.44 BMC Medical 4.45 Fosun Pharma/Breas 4.45.1 Fosun Pharma 2020 Revenue 4.45.2 Breas 4.46 Medical Depot/Drive Medical/DeVilbiss 4.46.1 Drive Medical/DeVilbiss CPAP 4.46.2 Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Response to Philips CPAP Recall 4.46.3 Drive Medical Revenue 4.47 Fisher & Paykel 4.47.1 Fisher & Paykel Sleep Style Auto CPAP 4.47.2 Fisher Paykel Modem - Automated Data Transfer Via Internet and Cellular Network 4.48 Philips CPAP 4.48.1 Respironics DreamStation Auto Quiet CPAP 4.48.2 Philips Healthcare Revenue 4.48.3 Philips Connected Care Businesses 4.49 ResMed 4.49.1 ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP 4.49.2 ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP 4.49.3 ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet CPAP 4.49.4 ResMed Sleep and Respiratory Care Revenue 4.50 Signifier Medical Technologies 4.51 Smiths Group 4.52 T A Associates 4.53 Teijin Pharma Limited 4.54 Cardiovascular Invasive Stress Test Equipment Healthcare Delivery 4.54.1 Value of Respiration 4.54.2 Cardiovascular Invasive Stress Test Equipment Fundamentals 4.54.3 Brigham and Women's Hospital iCPET 4.54.4 Brigham and Women's Hospital Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine 4.54.5 Detection of Impaired O2 Extraction from Arterial Blood Requires iCPET and Cannot Be Performed by Conventional Exercise Stress Test 4.54.6 Massachusetts General Hospital 4.54.7 MGH Purpose of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (i-CPET) 4.54.8 Mass General 4.54.9 University Hospitals - Cleveland Medical Center

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